Agency Law

Over the past 100 years, our firm is serving clients all over the industry with our huge grown experience and expertise. Helping our clients negotiating their distribution contracts, managing existing relationships and enforcing their claims successfully creates hereby the main focus of our services.

Our services especially include:

  • Examination of  commercial agency contract, dealership agreements;
  • Drafting of individual commercial agency contracts or dealership agreements;
  • Examination, calculation, assertion and enforcement of agent compensation claims (§ 89b HGB), also known as severance pay or compensation of dealers (§ 89b HGB analog);
  • Examination, calculation and enforcement of commission rate claims;
  • Individual advice and representation in relation to all contract matters, commercial agency contracts, in cases of termination without notice or ordinary termination of the contract by both the commercial agent and the entrepreneur;
  • We are familiar with the specific issues in the textile trade or textile distribution, food trade, paper distribution, hardware store and the construction industry , Insurance sales, etc.

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